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Galerie Ulrike Hrobsky (formerly Galerie 13) was founded in 1993 and has been located at its current location in the centre of Vienna near St. Stephen's Cathedral since February 2002: 1010 Vienna, Grünangergasse 6, and thus in the immediate vicinity of the major Viennese museums.
From the very beginning, the gallery has been dedicated to contemporary art with a focus on spatial content in drawing, painting, sculpture/object and photography - which led to the existing selection of artists due to the emphasis on sculptural/object-related processing of such diverse materials as stone, wood, paper and leather. This core of artists, which has grown over the years, includes established positions on the art market as well as young, up-and-coming talents [see ARTISTS].
Thus, with the founding of the "EAP" - -  European Art Project, 2005 (www.european-art-project.com) - - to promote young artists - with the gallery owners Jeannette Schmid (CH), Doris Clerici (NL) and Ulrike Hrobsky/Jakob (A), the participating gallery owners were honoured with the prize of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce for the best international cooperation in 2014! This exhibition activity as well as the curation by Galerie Hrobsky at the Papiermachermuseum (ALFA) Steyrermühl (from 2007 to 2018) provided artists working with and on paper with an exhibition space of around 300 m² for large-scale paper sculptures. The exhibitions were documented in a catalogue ("dimension FRAGILE", 2008 - comparison of Chinese and European paper sculpture) and detailed folders.
Paper is and will therefore remain a focal point of the gallery in any form of processing.
In addition, some positions and projects that have escaped the art market are rediscovered, promoted and added to the gallery programme. Up to seven exhibitions are shown annually in the intimate gallery spaces in Vienna's city centre, and national and international fairs are regularly organised. The gallery's own publication series now comprises more than 30 catalogues on artists and gallery exhibitions, with a consistent format and design that is easy to read both in print and electronically.
We are opening our showroom ULRIKE HROBSKY, 1160 Vienna, Grundsteingasse 40, together with the MASC Foundation (1160 Vienna) during the festivals "GRUNDSTEIN" and "MUSAO", which were founded as an opportunity to develop experimental exhibition concepts and thus simultaneously expand the exhibitions shown at the City-Galerie.
Presence at Art Fairs abroad in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, and Singapore.
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