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Galerie Ulrike Hrobsky shows established and young, upcoming positions of contemporary art and focuses on painting, sculpture and drawing. In the context of the European-wide actions of the so called "Month of Photography", works of this medium, at the interface to painting, are shown by artists represented by the gallery.

Close cooperation with the Papiermachermuseum Steyrermühl/Upper Austria resulted in collaboration with domestic and foreign artists who make artistic use of paper as a material in two and three dimensions; Tone Fink, Walter Weer (A); Reinhard Wöllmer, Alexandra Deutsch (D); Tilmann Zahn (CH). Large-scale installations were made accessible to a broad public in Steyrermühl from 2007 - 2018. (2008: "dimensionFRAGILE" - bringing together Chinese and European paper art!)

At the main location 1010, Grünangergasse 6, six to eight solo exhibitions are held per year. We open our showromm 1160 Vienna, Grundsteingasse 40, together with the MASC Foundation during the festivals "GRUNDSTEIN" and "MUSAO".
With the aim of giving young artists an international platform, Galerie Hrobsky founded the European Art Project (www.european-art-project.com), with European colleagues in 2005.
Presence at Art Fairs abroad in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, and Singapore.
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