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"ART VIENNA 2022" at Schönbrunn castle

After the cancellation of the ART VIENNA 2022 in spring 2022 due to Corona, the ART VIENNA 2022 - art fair for Austrian and international contemporary art (self-definition) - will now take place in the imperial premises of Schönbrunn Palace instead of the Hofburg.
Essentially sculptural stand- and wall-objects of the internationally exhibiting, South-German artists will be shown
Armin Göhringer and Willi Siber.
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Duration:  15.  – 18. September 2022, 11:00 – 19:00 Uhr
Location:      Orangerie Schönbrunn,
Schönbrunner Schloßstraße 47, Tor 2, 1130 Wien
We present works by:
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Willi Siber  Armin Göhringer  |

The sculptor Armin Göhringer works essentially with wood, preferably sycamore and poplar. His formal language is abstract. After a small sketch and a few marks on the block of wood, he throws on the chainsaw and works complicated constructs of vertical and horizontal lines, with empty spaces and free spaces from the wood. "With the sculptures, a simulation is created, a metaphor of my perceived reality. Not in the computer as it would be modern, but with wood, heavy, flexible, compact and odorous, precisely with a material that everyone knows and intuitively understands. Reduced, simple solutions are shown, risky and yet stable structures.
It is an exploration of limits and a call for balance and mindfulness," says Armin Göhringer, whose works are presented by Galerie Hrobsky at Schönbrunn. 
Willi Siber, on the other hand, is interested in the tightrope walk between antipodes. His material and formal language is a product of tracking down unsuspected manifestations in the supposedly familiar. It always contains moments of ambiguity
and foreboding, unapproachable and mysterious. Whatever artistic medium he chooses, he always stages doubts about optical certainty. The artist sets the formal-aesthetic balance and the equilibrium between structure and form, space and light in his pictorial compositions so high that the viewer can choose between formal, emotional, affective and metaphorical levels of perception. He is always thrown back on the freedom of his visual decision, on his perceptive faculty and his ability to decipher the multiformity and heterogeneity of position, arrangement, colorfulness and transparency of the surfaces, forms, gestures, materials and surfaces.
The viewer becomes a participant. It becomes his task to find answers and to surrender to the fascination of form.
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