WOLKE / Cloud-15, 2023,Corten, 33x55x11 cm

The whisper of form releases associations. I am only a form finder."“

| Jörg BACH |

                          Opening:  15. Juni 2023, 17:00 – 20:00
                                Duration of exhibition: 16. June – 30. September 2023
Jörg Bach - at the exhibition

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Jörg Bach's works are created without sketches and yet arise from <br>mentally anticipated, precisely predetermined ideas of form and are always made of steel. He works on the basis of his experience with material and form. He has already circled the idea of his sculpture several times in his mind, has already studied views in and out from all sides before, with a three-dimensional image in his mind's eye, he cuts out his sheet metal, bends it, veıwinds it, welds it and wears it down. The artist emphasises the dynamism of his working method:

"My first idea and its conception are not infrequently changed by a spontaneous reaction during the process of creation and revised again and again."

This is also how he keeps it in the works, some of which are shown in the exhibition for the first time. Objects, designed in multiple perspectives, close themselves off from their environment, form interior and intermediate spaces and at the same time radiate out into the room, which in turn places greater demands on the viewer, because it ultimately depends on his perspective which aspects laid out in the work he perceives and experiences. Thus, his forms have no front or back view, intertwine without beginning and without end.
Objects presented at exhibition -

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The 24 pages of the catalogue present the works exhibited on display in the gallery for "Formen.Finden" / "searching.for.Forms.".

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