Leverenz: Die-Waage, 2023, acryl +ink, Screen print on wood, 90x125 cm
Foto: L. Leverenz, (c) Bildrecht

| Larissa Leverenz |

Opening: Thursday, 19. Jan. 2023   |   18:00 till 20:00
Introduction: Günther Oberhollenzer (Künstlerhaus Wien), 18:30
Exhibition duration: 20. Jänner – 18. Februar 2023



Larissa Leverenz

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In her new series of works presented here, "Fire and Stone", Larissa Leverenz deals primarily with mind and body, whereby the extremities in particular stand symbolically for the complex interactions in ever more detailed variations.

Thus she creates biomorphic forms, technoid objects, flags, as signposts in the pictorial depth of the deformed horizons, tilted planes, which give rise to thoroughly composed and architecturally excellently staged pictorial worlds that unfold three-dimensional effects in our perception .
She achieves this by using different techniques to apply her figures and objects to wooden panels, integrating their grain into her drawing and painting. The resulting pictorial works, captivating through colour and composition, painterly sensitivity and a freshness, induce a mood of departure and motivate renewal.


Larissa Leverenz - at the exhibition

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"It is an exceedingly wondrous world into which Larissa Leverenz takes us. A world of surreally strange and yet familiar beauty. In her artistic work, the artist draws from the fund of life and deals with everyday themes that touch her. In the new works, manifold colourful organic forms float through the room, where macrocosm and microcosm seem to intertwine again and again. In addition to the florally expansive motifs, reduced static forms are also increasingly recognisable.
Many pictures are now more grounded again: on a central perspective grid we see potatoes, eggs or marbles, stones, lumps of wall or rock. Everyday, even banal things are staged in a big way, charged with content. The enigmatic works are narrative, poetic, even (almost) like a conversation. They touch on existential themes of our time - the loneliness of the individual or even the division of society."
[ Günther Oberhollenzer, Jan. 2023 ]
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