"Zeichnung Wien IV" | Drawings

Josef Bücheler | Tone Fink | Achim Freyer
Soli Kiani | Bettina Paschke | Thomas Riess
Ramona Schnekenburger | Martina Tscherni
GastkünstlerIn: Alex Klein | Henriette Leinfellner

opening: Freitag, 10. Juni 2016 um 18.30 Uhr
introducing words: Ulrike Jakob
exhibition: June, 10th -  July, 30th 2016


Pierre Bonnard once said: ‚Drawing is feeling. Color is an act of reason.’
Those are the sentiments we’re entering in June and July, represented by abstract works.
Launched by Manfred Lang, the series “Zeichnungen” (Drawings) is now to be continued, for the fourth time. The gallery Hrobsky is showing different position of the strongest and purest forms.
Josef Bücheler, born 1936 in Wiesbaden (Germany), trained as an upholsterer, saddler, art glazier and glass painter, lives and works in Rottweil-Hausen:
"His drawings are of high but also cool aesthetic appeal. The white, powerful laid paper and the thick lines of graphite are corresponding with each other. “
The cracks in the paper, the rejection, the depth oft the black, natural formations, interrupting the dialogue between black and white, bringing a new form and content to the colors and shapes, which encloses the mystery of the drawing.

Josef Bücheler – Zeichnungen, August Heuser, translated by Lino Schwarz

Tone Fink, born 1944 in Schwarzenberg, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Lecturer at the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg:
"Tone Fink as a living allegory of the imagination, personalized capability, memory contents from the vortex-impromptu of drawing actions to link the artistic new ideas.
To name another thing: Whatever we can’t express in words, Tone can draw. We are witnessing it in the face of his art, the drawing presented in his odd works.

Christoph Feichtinger translated by Lino Schwarz

Achim Freyer, born 1934 in Berlin, master student of stage design at Bertold Brecht at the Academy of Arts in Berlin, lives and works in Berlin and Italy:
“Drawing from anger, lust, noise and addiction | Drawing directly from the outside to the inside to the outside | Drawing in light, shadow, room, sound and silence | Drawing of the visible, the lightened – Six decades of drawing.”

Soli Kiani, born in 1981 in Shiraz, studied at the University of Applied Arts Vienna:
"The self-removal as an expression of complete abstraction of the physicality and the re-approximation by contact created in the dynamics of their interaction fields of tension that are in the game of lines - and thus in her works - manifest"

Bettina Paschke, born 1972 in Graz, Diploma - Architectural studies, lives and works in Graz:
Bettina Paschke leads her line for a walk. The small drawings, like in her series "rapid lines" is a delicate operation under the slogan, the journey is the destination ". In which at the beginning of the decision it is a certain kind of bar-code.
The artist and architect is now building her work on intuition, leaving it entirely to the cheerful abstract game that is guiding her lines into the unknown, the unexplored. 

 Elfi Kreis translated by Lino Schwarz

Thomas Riess, born 1970 in Tyrol, studied at the Mozarteum University, lives and works in Innsbruck and Vienna:
"Riess is a sensitive observer of his environment, his surrounding people, of himself and of foreseeable and unforeseeable circumstances. Riess is a chronicler of events, he describes the event and its history, all formulated to relentlessly pointed anecdote without regard to one's own person. There is hardly isn’t any work in which he does not bring existentials into play. His gaze is directed from outside to inside, from the nature to the mind. The world of the senses is considered only as a stimulating appeal, as the triggering moment of     minner experience. In order to bring these experiences to express themselves Riess served a succinct, simple, direct visual language: expressive, dramatic, line or brushwork, expressive increasing deformation to the caricatured misrepresentation.

Markus Hauser translated by Lino Schwarz

Ramona Schnekenburger, born 1980 in Schwenningen, after living in Freiburg and Berlin she now lives and works in Vienna:
"The scary realistic human portraits touch in the intense, raw naturalness. Not the individual portrayed with distinctive personalities and property seems to be in the foreground, but rather the human existence itself – well hidden, dark side. Stimulating, quite irritating images, masterfully painted and portentous charged. They remain in thought for a while.

Günter Oberhollenzer translated by Lino Schwarz

Martina Tscherni, born in 1963 in Hall in Tirol, studied at the Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna:
"Painting forces the mind of the painter to transform itself in the spirit of nature and to mediate between art and nature." Leonardo's relationship with nature is reflected not only in artistic practice but also in scientific experiment.

Florian Steininger translated by Lino Schwarz

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