Kopfsprünge II

Tone Fink

Vernissage:Thursday, October 13th,  2016 at 18.30
Introducing words: Ulrike Jakob
exhibiton Dates:October 14th -  November, 12th 2016

talk to the Artist: Thursday, November 10th,  2016, 19.00 Uhr
Tone Fink & Silvie Aigner (Chefredakteurin der Kunstzeitschrift Parnass)

Tone Fink
Art does not reproduce the visible, it makes visible (Paul Klee)

T. Fink, born in Schwarzenberg in Bregenz shortly before the end of the Second World War, is one of the greatest performer of the Austrian art scene. His works can neither be categorized nor classified - he uses every genre masterfully in artistic genre and technique and ironically in moral philosophy. His creative range reaches from drawing, works on canvas and objects to short films, performances and installations.

Drawing often is the beginning of his works - a synthetic hybrid between an independent plant, valve his inexhaustible productivity and generating ideas for objects or installation - it has a special place in the work T. Fink - Otto Breicha, art historian, writer and curator once described his work: "He loves it more risky. His drawings are fictitious characters braid. Life is struggle and seizure, a deadly scramble. His art is nothing obviously, it makes things unseen manifest. "

Tone Fink’s passion for paper also revealed to his plastics – he uses paper material, by no means fragile are the resulting objects that are often located on the border between sculpture and functional objects and are often integrated into the performative actions of the artist.

Tone Fink is a thoroughbred artist who Graphical and Biographical visionary and joke rich diffused and plays around creative with puns and neologisms - ". The deep and fatal pitfall in the visual arts and in life is the function of the intellect rather than the inspiration" - the ability to follow his intuition and also to be able to again become the child during the artistic process, Tone Fink makes so distinctive.

In the exhibition the gallery Hrobsky shows a cross section of current works, including masks, which were part of his performances, new drawings A3, objects, exhibits the Buddha series and Fink'sche painting on canvas.

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