Jupp Linssen



Opening: Thursday, March 17.2016, 6:30 p.m.

Exhibition: March 18. -  April 23.2016



Jupp Linssen - His painting fascinates by all its materiality and yet it is first and foremost only the color that appears to the viewer in a haptic way.
Therefore, each painting provides a picturesque venue of realized thoughts, processed matter and a free field of associations from side of the viewer, which are instigated by sequences and fields, lines and shapes, romantic and real elements.
Assembling a work from it’s two dimensions into the third, thereby providing a tangibility of metaphysical depth and to transfer from a sensual to an urgent barrier in the space – for Jupp Linssen it’s always an opportunity, to start something new.

His works conceal nothing, not its material, not its origin and nature, not their intended romantic role and not the pragmatism that some forms are following.
But interestingly, the artist actually never uses foreign architectures or substructures to achieve the characteristic of their exterior in his „built paintings“.
It’s more about the countless layers of paint - in some cases even complete images, but also representing nothing more than a potentiation of layers - leading to the image. But whether by the rhythm of structures or the quote floral shape game -. Linssens art is always a sensuous, exceptional visual experience.

The exhibition "Untitled" at Gallery Hrobsky, shows recent paintings and objects of Jupp Linssen, that do not want to describe anything or explain anything, but that want be their self. Have to be their self.


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