Ernst Skrička


opening: Thursday, April 28th, 2016, 18.30
introducing words: Edith Almhofer, publicist

exhibition: April 29th - June 4th, 2016


The medium of paper has always been an essential element of Ernst Skrička’s work.The lines, either directly drawn with a quill or scratched and etched with a needle and then printed, fuse and unite with their underground.

The tightly pressed fibres of paper receive the artist’s tracks like a field takes a plough. Skrička’s lines can be attacking, hurting, sharp as they can be lightly dancing on the paper.

Since the beginning of his working process he has been dedicating his work to the human figure. From the late 1960s until around 1980 physically highlighted Colossi coming from the mythology of the terror of shadows, determined Skričkas motive repertory. In the early 1980s there was a radical change. The free drawn seismographic like lines found in the illustrations dissolve the mythological colossi is transformed into abstract shapes and the human figure.

German Text: Florian Steininger
translated into English: Lino Schwarz

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