Maria Temnitschka
Lost in Thought

Opening: Friday, March 13. 2015 19:00
Exhibition: March 14. – May 23. 2015

Maria Temnitschka exhibits at the Art Austria – March 19. – 22. 2015, Leopold Museum

For the past 10 years, Maria Temnitschka employs in her work with urban structures; staircases, backyards and street alignments form the basis of for her city explorations. In her series of works previously shown at the gallery Hrobsky ("up and down", "rust" and "Lost in Time"), the artist caught the scenes of urban life and often places that forgotten, abandoned and are deserted. In a clear and realistic style, Temnitschka showed the viewers those buildings whose time has apparently expired.

There is a lot of subtle narrative in these pictures, sometimes a gentle humor although no sadness. Temnitschka observed decay with curiosity and tries as it itself says, to be reconciled with the beastliness of his own finite nature. In the new series "Lost in Thought“, these thoughts are included. The questions, which are now dealt with on the canvas, are philosophical, affecting the life in all its facets.

The color scheme has changed. The previously dominant gray-green-blue tones change to a wider spectrum, the color is, unlike earlier, without underpainting and partially applied very pastose. The series "Lost into Thought" represents a turning point in Temnitschkas work; the so far real acting spaces dissolve now increasingly into metaphysical one's, symbolic visual elements respond to a strange symbiosis with realistic spatial elements.

Maria Temnitschka confirms that every few years she needs a big change paths that became too comfortable are left behind in order not to fall into a routine.
Although never before, so Temnitschka, the fundamental issues of painting flowed into each other like now. 

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