Josef Bücheler


Opening: Wednesday, September, 9. 2015 19:00
Exhibition: September 10 – October 17, 2015

Introductory words: Ulrike Jakob

Bücheler, born in 1936 with Wiesbaden, deals with the fundamental questions of material and form in sculpture. The artist covers and wraps the already dried and shaped wilow or birch branches, which then are partually covered and wrapped in paper. In a next step, advertising inserts from newspapers, leaflets or election posters with a variety of different patries are used to build a collage and put some color in.

An integral part of the works is carried by graphite, earth and ash which is applied so that only single letters, words or text fragment can be identified.
Finally, the whole is hold together, including waterproof glue for aesthetic as well as technical reasons. The good old craft, forming objects by the hands, has always been important for Josef Bücheler.
In earlier years he included polyester and fabric in his works. Also he had training as a upholsterer and paperhanger he graduated in. He worked as an art glazer and handicrafts teacher. Therefor his preference for Artisanal, which occupies a significant place in his art.

excerpt: Hartwig Knack

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