Djawid Borower


Opening: Thursday, May 28, 2015, 19:00

Exhibition: May 29 – July 11, 2015

Introductory words: Brigitte Waldmann, art historian

In all series of Djawid Borower (* 1958 in Cologne, lives and works in Vienna) there is the tension between part and whole, the individual picture has indeed its own power and identity, but is also "only" one facet of a broader picture work. As his biography is the art of Djawid Borower generic border. In various series and media he explores profane as metaphysical topics, including money and power, god and time, sex and film.


In his latest 2014 started series "Pictures of Time and Nature" Borower postponed this tension in the individual work itself, by leaving his motives unfulfilled, although it produces images that appear self-contained and complete in the literal sense. He chooses the representation of flowers, a subject that the painting used since Baroque to reflect on time and transience.

For Borower it is not about decay. On the contrary to its repeal in the simultaneity of execution and design, of finished and unfinished, of manifestation and idea.

(Excerpts: Djawid Borower, Brita Sachs and Ida Darl)

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