Chiara Dynys

Opening: Thursday, May 28. 2015 19:00
Exhibition: May 29. – July 11. 2015

Introductory words: Brigitte Waldmann, art historian
Gallery Tour inner city: Thursday, May 28. 2015, 16:00-21:00

The artist Chiara Dynys (* 1958 in Mantua, lives and works in Milan) works in a variety of media - she works with light as well as with sculpture, installations or video. Dynys focuses in her the works with questions about reality and virtuality, the minimal art is as much a part of their reference system as the conceptual art. She relies on the virtuosic manner their own various materials, combines traditional craft processes with sophisticated contemporary art.

The series shown in the gallery, "poisoned flowers" demands, like all the works of Chiara Dynys of the viewers and viewers an active role: they are contemporary hidden faces, that appear at first glance as monochrome color fields. If you move around the room, however, it can be seen that behind the colored areas with their elaborately produced colored resin frame at a certain angle to hide pictures of flowers. The artist presents us their own unique perspective on a classic image motif in art - the floral still lifes - and transported it into the 21st century.
(Excerpts: Djawid Borower, Brita Sachs and Ida Darl)


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