Birgit Zinner




opening:Thursday, 22. October 2015, 19.00 Uhr

exhibition: 23. October – 28. November 2015



Foto credits: Johannes Zinner; Copyright Bildrecht Wien

The artist, Birgit Zinner, born 1963 in Steyr (Upper Austria) lives and works in Vienna. She eploys her work with the perception of space per se.

Based on a conceptual assignment of certain forms, colors and layers organizing complex image-space structures, caused by superposition of perforated and painted with monochrome interior forms, static or rotating plates. Space does not define itself as something given, but opens up to the viewer along the path of gradually introducing into a succession of places together layers of space – space appears as something itself-altering, as a factor of time under the movement of a continually changing medium.

With her insistence on the Spatially-Material work, Zinners comments intensify in the television and computer age. Referencing to the complexity of such loss of representation in the two-dimensionality of the screen.

Zinner: "The high-contrast color scheme follows the form or forms its own content, in which always also the side surfaces are painted. I am talking of screen objects, since the content is about painting, but the strict form of the frame is broken. Following that freestanding figures are image objects such as works on the wall. "

In der Ausstellung „Konstruktionen“ in der Galerie Hrobsky zeigt Zinner ausschließlich Arbeiten aus Papier und Karton, anderseits sie sonst mit Holz, Plexiglas und manchmal auch Spiegel arbeitet.

In the exhibition „Contructions“ at the Gallery Hrobsky, Zinner only shows works consisting of paper or cardboard whereas she also works with wood, acrylic glass and even mirrors.

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