Birgit Zinner

Plans and Ocean

Opening: Wednesday, April 15. 2015, 19:00
Exhibition: April 16. – May 16. 2015

The Artist is present during the opening

As part of the Destination Vienna EXTENDED, Birgit Zinner show a space in the Gallery Hrobsky ‘Plans and Ocean’

As with her performance at the Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz (April 28, 2015, 20:30), the attention is given to the complex structure of her art production pursued for 30 years , the connection of the works with each other and the ever-changing compounds of artworks by their owners.

Zinner illustrates this based in her drawings, on the one hand, she categorizes and assigns the works by icons, and on the other hand, there are maps that show the distribution of works of art in the world and the relationships of artwork, artist and recipient.

These are complemented paperworks with four small-format picture objects from the series Ocean, which are rotated in different directions presented on the wall.

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