Angela Flaig


opening: wednesday, 9. september 2015, 19:00
exhibition: 10. September – 17. October 2015

Introductory words: Ulrike Jakob



The artist Angela M. Flaig, born in Schramberg in 1948, draws inspiration and material for her works from her environment, her everyday life. Angela Flaigs work constituted almost exclusively of natural materials. They seem to be almost on the point of these, flying, she would not hold a glass cover it. The artist condensed single seed or even a complete seed head like the dandelion or fireweed, coming to an extremely voluminous in the depth and in itself chaotic bodies.

Often it is easy flying seeds of thistles, of coltsfoot or dandelion, she collects in long walks or in the private garden. Angela Flaig also examined the spatial depth in her work. Held together with hair spray, the artist creates complex body. Flaig herself provides comparison to the technique of translucent painting, which also allows a glimpse into the depth.

excerpt: Hartwig Knack

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