Alberto Storari

In the middle of time, there is the possibility of an island

Opening: Friday, January 23. 2015 19:00
Introductory words: Günther Oberhollenzer, curator

Exhibition: January 24. – March 7. 2015 


The artist Alberto Storari, born in 1975 in San Bonifacio, lives and works in Vienna, London and Bologna. Storaris large-format paintings depict classical and romantic motifs: Apparitional ships that extract from obscure areas of color, forest motifs where diffuse light shines through between dark tree trunks.
One could sink into Stoaris finely crafted paintings, indulge throughout the fantasies and stories that are triggered trough the colors, materials and designs in one’s head.

The current work of the artist show landscape motifs and scenes starring the woods, as you would suspect in paintings of German Romanticism. However, for Stoari it’s not about creating picturesque illusions, there is no suggested room created through tricks.
He is much more taking organic-natural motifs out of their familiar surroundings and places them in a fictional, surreal color space, and reduces them to their essentialities.
Instead of spatial illusion, Alberto Storari created a pictorial space in which the atmospheric mood of his motifs can unfold.

excerpt: Tina Teufel, Günther Oberhollenzer (Thomas Riess)

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