Jörg Bach

“Selbstfinder” (“Self-finder”)

Opening: Thursday, April 24. 2014 7:00 p.m.
Introductory words: Hartwig Knack, freelancer in Science of arts, curator and author
Exhibition: April 25. – July 14. 2014

Volatile hugs and iron ore:
Iron is a traditional material, as it’s considered ignoble it’s likely to be associated with violence. Especially in his rusty variant - which makes up a large part of Jörg Bach work. Corrosion is an outer skin of warm rust-red to brown tones, the same time the impression of archaic rawness forms. Accordingly, it also leaves the interpretation of the object "Volatile embrace" open to the viewer, whether it is a delicate or violent contact with the forms.

Drawings and rubbings:
Jörg Bach drawings and rubbings form, besides the sculptures, another important body of work, and one could say, that the sculptor drawing as practiced by Jörg Bach, represents a unique genus within the artistic work on paper. Oilpapers that serve as intermediate layers for the packaging of steel sheets and then are used in crumpled form for wiping or similar, Jörg Bach discovered as an additional working material. Available structures creases inspire him, in the perspective contrast of light and dark to explore space and find in lines hidden forms, which he records with the pen.


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