Sigita Daugule / Laura Põld

Opening: Thursday September 12. 2013 at 7 p.m.
Introductory words: Maria Christine Holter, art historian and curator in Vienna
Exhibition: September 13. – October 19. 2013

Sigita Daugule, born in Riga (Lativa) in 1971, since her beginning in the fine arts she expertly connects the realism of the streets with her very own abstract language. The artist owns a large archive of Photographs in which she documents pictures of the urban space, graffiti’s and the signs of structural decay. From this fund she draws for her work, her painterly realism is photorealism in the broadest – and most virtuosic- sense. Daugule creates in her pictures – the superficial plane surfaces walls show – a picturesque and colorful room, that leaves the borders of photorealism far behind. The graphical graffiti elements even soar as references to the photographic material, on street art, to urban living environments, in the image space, but they become completely independent compositional elements.

The Estonian artist Laura Põld, born in 1984 in Tallinn (Estonia), originally studied painting before also other media devoted to her work. In recent years, Põld developed not only numerous paintings, but also videos, sculptures and installations. The artist always used a strong narrative component, which deals with the complex issues that Põld treats in her work, making it available and experience able for the viewer. It deals with urban non-places, airports, supermarkets, hotels. Places that you walk fast and leave even quicker, who have little meaning per se, but are essential for the functioning of a city. In the works, the forms of metropolitan purpose architecture are combined with intimate textile surfaces. The objects in combination with Põld’s style of painting draws the viewer into the fictional, exemplary model of a big city.

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