Birgit Zinner

constructing reality

Opening: Tuesday, January 15th 2013, 7PM
Exhibition: January 16th – February 16th 2013


Artist Birgit Zinner uses her practice to investigate spatial perception in itself. Based on a conceptually developed classification system for specific forms, colours and layers, Zinner organises complex image-space arrangements that consist of overlapping, monochrome painted, static or rotating panels. Space is not defined as something pre-existing, the viewer experiences it step by step, as he slowly works his way through the many different spatial segments – space is defined as something that is ever-changing, as a medium that mutates through time and movement.

With their insistance to the spatial-material dimension, Zinners pieces comment on the intensified dissolution of the tangible in the age of the computer- or TV-screen. They question the loss of complexity of these two-dimensional modes of representation.

(Excerpts: Birgit Zinner: Lucas Gehrmann, Edgar Landgraf)

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