Josef Bücheler / Angela M. Flaig

Flugsamen und Papier

Opening: Donnerstag, 6. September 2012, 19.00 Uhr
Exhibition Dates: 7. September - 13. Oktober 2012

Gallery Ulrike Hrobsky is proud to start the fall season with an exhibition of recent work by Josef Bücheler and Angela M. Flaig.

Bücheler, born in 1963 in Wiesbaden (GER) , deals with fundamental questions of form and material in sculpture. "The reduction of form and material is my main concern", Josef Bücheler states about his work, "The objects obtain their shape through the interplay of the material and its powers during the working process. The material defines the special form, the content and the meaning of my objects. Materiality and immateriality are the two poles within my work." The materials that Bücheler uses in his work are osier stakes, paper scraps, graphite, earth and ashes; materials that he finds in his surroundings. At the same time the chosen materials recalls many associations to transience, fleetingness and transcendence. Josef Bücheler’s pieces refuse any definite interpretations; instead, they play with hints and indications. It rests with the viewers themselves to experience his pieces.

The artist Angela M. Flaig, born in 1948 in Schramberg (GER), also uses her surroundings, her everyday life, as a source of inspiration and material for her practice. Her objects and paintings consist of many different kinds of plant seeds. She combines this tender, fragile material with strict geometric forms, stressing the opposition between the natural and the artificial. In the course of Flaig’s artistic process, the force of nature comes to a halt, the fleeting seeds are sorted and fixed by the artist, pulled from the natural cycle and made immaterial. The objects are of an unusual lightness and seem to be floating in space. This interplay between heaviness and lightness, form and material make up the secretive and spiritual about Flaigs pieces..

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