N. D. Hlavka / Silvia M. Grossmann


Opening: Tuesday, 15th of February 2011, 7 p.m.
Exhibition Dates: 16.02.2011 – 19.03.2011

Water as a subject of photography has been a main focus on the work of Silvia Maria Grossmann for a long time.
Her interest lies in water as a habitat and the places where water connects to the mainland. She works with classic analogue photography, which she prints out on baryt-paper, as well as digital techniques.

By her choice of image details, the dissolution of those and the absence of real bench marks, the large-sized photographies are recepted akin to abstract paintings which focus on change of light and shadow, surface texture and fine shadings of colour.

Nadja Dominique Hlavka‘s pictural work ties in to the same variety of possible interpretations : The spaces between the brushstrokes in her paintings resemble a poem, which wants to be read between the lines. The interplay of line and colour, as well as two- and three-dimensionality, commands the rhythmic sound of Hlavka’s works. The paintings bear traces of pencilwork and drawings, which are – although thinly veiled - visible to the viewer.

The Collage and it’s deconstruction are inherent parts of Hlavka’s work as a painter.
Through the literal materiality oft her paintings and the inclusion of the finely tuned colour, which create the element water and it’s surrounding plantlife, the artist unlocks for us the third dimension.

(excerpts/translated/shortened: Silve Aigner (Grossmann)/ Nana Pernod(Hlavka))

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