Jörg Bach

"Skycrapers and Reflectors"

Opening: Thursday, 14. October 2010, 17.00 – 22.00 Uhr

Date of Exhibition: 15. October - 20. November 2010

As a sculptor, Jörg Bach is deeply commited to steel as a working material, which has been growing in importeance since the 19th century and is recognized as one oft he main classic artistic materials oft he 20th/21th century.

Bachs sculptures are defined by their presence and autonomy – attributes which draw the viewer in instantly, but are also rationally comprehensible, because they rely on precise formal principles: Due to their bonds totheir location and ground as well as their individual form and surface those objects stand as autonomous objects, which provoke discussion.

The "Skyscrapers" are composed of linear forms, which overlap each other, gain density and reach out into the surrounding space with the endings of their » limbs «.

The cross, at which horizontal and vertical alignments penetrate each other and which also stands for relationships and centering as well as open-mindedness and movement, is used as preferred element of construction.

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