Robert Steng | Leena Naumanen
“Flat Space | Space Layers“  

Duration of exhibition: 28th 5. 2021 - 26th 6. 2021

With Leena Naumanen and Robert Steng we can offer an iridescent arc of tension between two contrasting positions of optical perception on the one hand, whose affinity regarding source material and reference could not be higher at the same time.

Under the motto: "Drawing is a form of mental reflection on paper.“ [Saul Steinberg]

two main directions can be discerned in Leena Naumanen's drawings presented in this exhibition at the gallery:
the finely drawn, even subtly filigree pen and ink drawing in watercolour, and the shingled forms with their structures running quasi within the sheet.
About Robert Steng, on the other hand, it can be said:
 "The material found often hides a work of art, I try to discover and uncover it, since the second look changes the perception."
With the objects presented in the gallery, we make Robert Steng's development visible. The starting point for the current production of works is the series of "Empty Boxes" (since 2014) as well as the beam structures such as "Piles of Beams" (since 2016). Both series are characterised by a high degree of the minimal and by austerity, which intensifies into the present day.
Robert Steng

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Robert Steng:

Robert Steng's artistic material is in all forms and states - wood. From a wide variety of woods, he repeatedly develops new pictorial ideas in dialogue with the material or also through productive coincidences and often realises them after meticulous fine drawing in his sketchbook.
In this way he achieves deceptively real and perfectly spatial works, with a rich, cubist-like structure that deceives the eye: the perfect trompe l'oeil.
For the viewer, this creates a completely new perception of the space and the artwork. Seemingly through the wall , the surface becomes a three-dimensional space. The arranged found objects are more than just the sum of individual parts: they develop into a kind of "hyperreality" of matter and geometry, i.e. an artistically perfect ideal image. (KUK)
So no stories are told, no message is conveyed or statements transported. For Steng, the function consists in the dialogue with his material.

Leena Naumanen

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Leena Naumanen:

The medium of drawing runs like a thread through my work. My drawings are spontaneous and unplanned, direct and immediate. They are an outlet for my creative urge and serve to find ideas for performances and objects.
"Art is also a rediscovery of childhood" because the deep and fatal pitfall in visual art and in life is dependence on intellect rather than inspiration."