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part view into - Room 4
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Thursday, 27. May, 2021 15:00 - 19:00 o'clock
Leena Naumane nwill be present onsite
Videointroduction by Ulrike Jakob (owner) on display
Duration of exhibition: 28th 5. 2021 - 26th 6. 2021 


Catalog of the exhibition [ in tempus präsens ] /

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In the catalog of the exhibition "flat space" you will find a selection of the exhibited works of R. Steng on 16 pages, including the prices of the works (transportation excluded).       
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* reproducton of: „Verschlossene Tür“, 2020, Holz-Karton-Papier-bemalt, 110 x 72 x 11 cm
Photo©: Annemarie Weninger

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Video tour of exhibition "heterogen" /

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Tour & Introduction to current exhibition
In this trailer we show excerpts from the exhibition. Individual works are introduced and commented by Marie-Theres Kölblinger based upon artists interviews.  
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Notes to the exhibition /

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Robert Steng | Leena Naumanen
“ Flat Space | Space Layers “

Leena Naumanen, places wood as the material of her artistic expression  at the centre of her works, but not just any wood: "It has to be a roof shingle - preferably a Finnish one".
These carefully cut and split  Finnish woods with their rough, fibrous, splintered surfaces  are brought into a new structure and she also builds this into her drawings, which are the focus of this exhibition "space layers"

Robert Steng, is a sculptor living in Germany. He describes his art as primarily concerned with perception per se.
R. Steng's central aim is to capture the spatial dimension of art. However, the structures and properties of the materials and their relationship to their surroundings are also essential.
 By using what is discarded, his work also reflects our consumer society.
! Illusions made of wood: That a picture hangs on the wall is the most ordinary form of art.  Robert Steng's works, however, function somewhat differently: he combines randomly found, used wood and puts it together in such a way that a new perspective emerges. In this way he creates an ambivalent and at the same time illusionistic relationship between picture and wall.


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A. FLAIG im KUNSTRaum Königsfeld /

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Angela FLAIG zeigt in "fragil - stabil" ihre neuesten Arbeiten - im KunstRaumr Königsfeld

6. Juni 2021 – 18. Juli 2021
Vernissage: 6. Juni, von 15 – 17 Uhr

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( Angaben courtsey: © KUNSTraum Königsfeld  Gartenstr. 1, D-78126 Königsfeld i.Schw. )
B.PASCHKE im Westwendischen KUNSTVEREIN /

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Bettina Paschke zeigt ihre Rapid Lines - in der Kunstkammer Gartow

12. Juni 2021 – 11. Juli 2021
Vernissage: 12. Juni, von 11 – 16 Uhr

Einführung: Christina Katharina May


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( Angaben courtsey: © Westwendischer Kunstverein e. V.;Hauptstr. 10; 29471 Gartow )
Larissa LEVERENZ im NÖ DOK St. Pölten /

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Larissa Leverenz  im NÖ Dokumentationszentrum für moderne Kunst

20. 05. 2021 bis 27. 06. 2021
Vernissage: 20. Mai, von 14 - 19 Uhr

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Gruppenausstellung mit:
              | LARISSA LEVERENZ |
( Angaben courtsey: © NÖ DOK Prandtauerstraße 2, 3100 St. Pölten )
Achim FREYER at STOA169 /

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Opening of first construction phase - 15.09.2020

A hall of art in the middle of nature, supported by more than 100 individually designed columns, created by internationally renowned artists from all over the world: the realization of this idea has been pursued by the artist Bernd Zimmer for almost 30 years.
One of the columns was created by Achim FREYER

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( all informations courtsey by: © Bernd Zimmer; STOA169 STIFTUNG - KIRCHPLATZ 2, D–82398 POLLING )

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"Drawing Now, Paris" - June 10.-13. 2021 /

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You are warmly welcomed to visit us at "Drawing Now, Paris", booth "C1" (upper floor) renamed to "Drawing Now Alternative", due to Covid-19 restrictions.By closing the the "Drawing Art Now" page You will return to here.  
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