current exhibition: "Code 2D - 3D"

      Deutsch:          o.Titel-7, 2020, 31x41x11 cm | Ausschnitt mit Gesmtbild (PIP)
      Leverenz:       Hybrid-Beings, 2020, 40x50 cm | Ausschnitt mit Gesmtbild (PIP)
      Tscherni:          Blau, 2019, 80x110 cm | Bildausschnitt
      Wöllmer:       Woellmer_Farbraumrelief-3, 2020, 44.5x44.5x9 cm | Ausschnitt mit Gesmtbild (PIP)
kryokonitemeta morphspotlight © martina tscherni
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Introductional text: Julia Schuster,    (Art historian / Curator STRABAG Kunstforum )

Duration of exhibition: 23.4. 2020 - 13.6. 2020

The exhibition "Code 2D_3D" presents four artists* whose art is dedicated to the conquest of space, be it in the form of two-dimensional drawings and prints or as real space-filling objects.
The works of Alexandra Deutsch, Larissa Leverenz, Martina Tscherni and Reinhard Wöllmer deal with a real and a fictional perception of space, they invite us to think and feel our way into constructed worlds. The references are very different - the artists* find inspiration in architecture and nature, in the strong reduction and even under the microscope.
Common to all the works presented is their subsumability under the term "Tactile Value", which the American art historian and collector Bernard Berenson developed in the late 19th century for the painting of the Florentine Renaissance and which dealt with the perception or illusion of reality that can be created by painting. The expression describes the quality of a work of art, to create a haptic, a real perception of the work in the viewer, but without presupposing a factual touch.
It is therefore about an art that is close to life and spatial, an art into which one can think and, yes, above all, feel.
[ J. Schuster ]
"opening weekend" - 5.+ 6. Juni
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Masks of the week:  

Tone Fink, Masks: 2016, 1990 - 2016
Tone Fink already created masks in the early 1980s - which have always been part of his work in paper sculpture as well as his performances and are part of his work. During the current exhibition "Code 2D_3D", individual works will be shown, changing weekly !

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