Room 1 - Josef Bücheler (left side) & Tone Fink (right side)
Room 2 - Larissa Leverenz
Room 1 - Larissa Leverenz
Room 2 - Larissa Leverenz
Room 4 - Rupert Eder (DE)
Room 4 - Josef Bücheler (DE)
Rom 3 - Bettina Paschke
Room 1 - Tone Fink
Room 1 - Tone Fink (left side) & Leena Naumanen (right side)
on display: 

Josef Bücheler | Rupert  Eder | Tone Fink | Larissa Leverenz | Leena Naumanen | Bettina Paschke

 Duration of exhibition :  prolonged !   20. February 2021 
Our galerry is reopened.
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Exhibition catalogue "heterogen" /

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Inside catalogue a selection of atrist's works exhibited is shown on 20 pages; prices free at gallery included.
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Video tour of exhibition "heterogen" /

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Video tour - current exhibition
In this exhibition we show works of six as differently as expressing artists, as they could not be more different to be described, as "heterogen"eous ... [Ulrike JAKOB]
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Heterogeneity, or the non-uniformity of the elements of a set or of the components of what we call artistic works, is paradoxically also supposed to represent precisely the unifying if not uniformity of the works shown. Somehow metaphor also for the circumstances, which we may or must live through at the moment, what we may despair of or what we can experience through deepened engagement and seeing sensation, satisfaction and high feelings of joy of life.  
Trailer - Foto Wien 2021 /

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Even if the visit to the Kunsthaus Wien is not possible we would like to present you the contribution of Michalea Bruckmüller ("Lilium 02") which is planned for the local presentation in the gallery virtually. An individual on-site viewing will be available at the gallery - planned opening:

at the gallery Ulrike Hrobsky opening: 3rd March 2021 - duration presumably till: 27th March 2021
Glimpses of 5. Roter Kunstsalon /

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Josef Bücheler, Tone Fink, Angela Flaig,
Walter Kölbl, Martina Tscherni
our artists have been  very well received in the venerable Fuggerschlösschen, despite Covid-19-related restrictions !
Unlike conventional art fairs the Red Art Salon claims to present - similar to public or private collections and work shows since the 17th century - a cross-section of current trends in the art world and to provide a platform for informal exchange. 
Details:  Museum Villa Rot / Schlossweg 2, 88483 Burgrieden – Rot
Achim FREYER at STOA169 /

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Eröffnung erster Bauabschnitt - 15.09.20


A hall of art in the middle of nature, supported by more than 100 individually designed columns, created by internationally renowned artists from all over the world: the realization of this idea has been pursued by the artist Bernd Zimmer for almost 30 years.
One of the columns was created by Achim FREYER
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( Details courtsey: © Bernd Zimmer; STOA169 STIFTUNG - KIRCHPLATZ 2, D–82398 POLLING )