aktuell: "LOVE - Supreme"

| Walter Weer |

Eröffnung: 20. April 2023, 17:00 – 20:00
Ausstellungsdauer: 21. April – 3. Juni 2023
Walter Weer

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Walter Weer is known for his striking objects made of paper, wood and cardboard and his expansive, fragile net installations. For this he uses a wide variety of image carriers, paper, cardboard and sets line and colour application with gestural spontaneity. The construction and deconstruction, the paper, the wrapping and nesting, the constriction and the liberation of the constricted without its plastic context, plays an important role.
"In this exhibition, the insight into his œuvre is now extended by another interesting aspect: painting. Pictorial constructs, interwoven with text and line, in which he transfers the rhythm and atmosphere of music to the picture with great immediacy."
[c: Silvie Aigner, Parnass]
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